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Taking the Man Out of the Man Cave: Week 2


If this is your 2nd week on Porch Daydreamer for the One Room Challenge™, welcome back! If this is your first time here, please stop by the WEEK ONE kick-off detailing my massive makeover plans for the man cave. For your convenience, click here to view each week: WEEK THREE | WEEK FOUR | WEEK FIVEPorchDaydreamer+OneRoomChallenge+ManOutofManCave

Week TWO Dirty Details

This will likely be the least “pretty picture” post you ever see from me because at this stage of the makeover it’s just plain messy and chaotic!

“A butterfly doesn’t look pretty going through metamorphosis.”

Let’s review what has arrived for the man cave from the original list. This list contains some affiliate links, but all items were hand selected by me!

Man Cave+Porch Daydreamer+Design Board+ORC

  1. Cabinet Paint for Office (YES)
  2. Marble Film for Counter Top (YES)
  3. Progress Lighting Office Light Fixture (YES)
  4. Amerock Hardware for Cabinets (YES)
  5. Wallpaper for Office (YES)
  6. Throw for Sofa (YES)
  7. Loft Chair (YES)
  8. White Pillow for Couch (YES)
  9. Ikat Pillow for Couch(YES)
  10. Ikea Ritva White Drapes (YES, not what is pictured)
  11. Rug Under Table (YES)
  12. Office Chair (YES)

AMAZING right? Everything arrived and paint mixed last week. I love Amazon, where just about everything was purchased.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account it’s a true lifesaver.

New Items

Everything looks as pictured, but I had to make a major change. The Ikea White drapes, were a no go!

Unfortunately against all of the bright white accents they look cream and not white. Darn because the price was so low!

Ritva Ikea Drapes
Ritva Ikea Drapes

Luckily, Pottery Barn was having their Friends and Family event with 20% off, so I was able to order what I really wanted!

Pottery Barn Newport Roman Shades in Navy
Pottery Barn Newport Roman Shades in Navy
Pottery Barn Quincy White Panels
Pottery Barn Quincy White Panels

What is good about ordering all of the drapes from Pottery Barn is that I know the whites will be very similar.  The shades were originally out of my budget, but with the sale I could swing it and only need two!

The roman shades will be installed in the office area and the white panels in the man cave.

The other change is that I can’t live with the coffee table top in dark brown, so I ordered a white and navy ticking stripe fabric to recover the top.

A new task on my list! Bought the fabric on Amazon too 🙂

White and Navy Ticking Stripe Fabric
White and Navy Ticking Stripe Fabric

Man Cave Makeover Tasks

Over the past few days I’ve been muttering to myself “What were you thinking?” Let me list why I am saying this about my plans for the makeover of the man cave.

  1. Prime & Paint: 6 chairs, coffee table, small table, baskets, trays, lamps, upper and lower office cabinets
  2. Recover: 6 chairs and coffee table
  3. Repair: Remove old drapery rods and artwork, spackle and paint
  4. Wallpaper: Office space and doors
  5. Cover: Apply faux marble contact paper to counters
  6. Install: New can light adaptor and light fixture
  7. Hang: Roman shades and drapery panels
  8. Buy: Artwork and accessories

Let’s stop here and again “What was I thinking!” The painting ALONE is a colossal event for one human being. Then the rest of the tasks are more manual labor for this girl.

Not one to shy away from hard work I’ve been plowing through and waking up at 5:30am in a panic ready to go!

One piece that has gone epically wrong in my plan is Mother Nature. Isn’t it fall right now and supposed to be cool with low humidity?

Priming & Painting the Office

All that priming and painting seemed possible on the out-set due to the fact I have a spray shelter and a Wagner paint sprayer.

Well, Mother Nature has not been my friend.The WEATHER! Really, 85F and 90% humidity for a WEEK in the month of October?

No spraying allowed in this weather. The paint would never dry. It’s getting postposed for Week Three.

So, I rescheduled my timeline, to-dos, and refocused my work. The priority has shifted to things that can be done inside of my home where air conditioning is my friend.

Office Painting Preparations
Office Painting Preparations

Tuesday and Wednesday all I did is prep, prime, and get the first coat of paint on the cabinets. Then decided to tackle the little table too!

Priming Chaos
Priming Chaos

Wallpaper the Office and Doors

Another inside task, yay! I must announce  that I OFFICIALLY HATE WALLPAPERING!

Those texting me on Monday sensed my bad mood through my iPhone. Many questions of “are you ok?” No, I was not!

Let me back up. I absolutely love the wallpaper and it’s really not it’s fault that I don’t know what I am doing.

Here it is with the hardware, the wall color, and navy paint for the lower cabinets. Perfection.

Amerock Hardware and Valspar Paint
Amerock Hardware and Valspar Paint

This was my first time applying any kind of wallpaper! I should have picked a simpler pattern, since I didn’t know what I was doing – at all!

After a few mistakes and piecing things together way too many times, my OCD really started kicking in 🙂

Cutting Shapes
OCD in Full Swing

Yep, I couldn’t stand how the seams looked and started cutting out individual pieces of the shapes to make them blend more. I know, I am nuts but happy!

Luckily, installing the last piece in the book case is straight forward and should be a piece cake.

Rectangles are NO BIG deal, as shown here on the closet doors.  Other angles not so much!

Simple Shapes Moroccan Star Wallpaper
Simple Shapes Moroccan Star Wallpaper

Are you tired just reading what I’ve done?

Oh there is more that I have accomplished! Remember the early start to my days?

  • Artwork has been removed from the walls
  • Drapery rods in office area removed
  • Holes in wall spackled
  • Home Goods and World Market trips for accessories made with purchases

So to say I am a little exhausted is an understatement.

What I haven’t mentioned is that in-between all of the tasks, I flew out of state for a couple of days for a job interview and flew to see my son over the weekend.

One thing that can be said about me is I am goal oriented and when I have a deadline it will be met!

Back to Painting and Taking the Man Out of the Man Cave

I’ll be showing you what I’m up to on Instagram Stories in a more personal way with video. They are a fun look into the chaos and only last 24 hours – get ’em while their hot! Here’s me in the “prime” of my life. Ha, ha, ha…

I’m off to get busy and paint another coat on those cabinets. Sorry to say that you won’t likely be seeing any other blog post topics for a while, until I get the big tasks complete!

One Room Challenge Logo

While you are waiting for next week’s post, check out The One Room Challenge and all of the Week 2 Progress or the 20 Featured Designers

Thanks so much for following along and seeing what one person can tackle in a week. Would love to hear your comments below and let me know what you think so far!

Maybe, just maybe you’ll start daydreaming about what room to update in your house next!


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  1. Love the project title! I know what you mean about the heat and painting. I look forward to seeing how things turn out with the paint!

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