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20 Sophisticated Fall Decor Ideas

Fall decor typically evokes bright orange pumpkins, yellow and red leaves, and mums in all shades.  There are sophisticated alternatives for fall decor that blend with your current home decor!

Does your home fight the orange color palette and traditional fall decor like mine does? Since I have a more of coastal color palette, I’ve been on the hunt for sophisticated fall decorating ideas that fit a lighter colored home.

Using Fall Leaves in Home Decor

Fall official begins September 22, so it’s time to start thinking about adding the warmth of fall decor to your home!


Of course we aren’t going to toss the beautiful rich colors of burnt orange and deep red out all together, but find a new way to incorporate them into our home decor.

20 Sophisticated Fall Decor Ideas

Luckily Pinterest is filled with so many creative ideas that I’ve been able to cultivate 20 inspired ideas for you! We will look at these in 4 categories of fall decor:

  • Green, Pale Blue, and White
  • Fall Leaves
  • Pops of Orange Pumpkins and Red Apples
  • Shafts of Wheat and Indian Corn

Pinterest Worthy Fall Decor

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Sophisticated Fall Decor_Porch Daydreamer

Green, Pale Blue and White:

Do you live in the south like I do and it stays warm well into October? Create a fall transitional palette mixing white pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, green pears, white and blue pumpkins.

Get creative with chalk paint and develop the color scheme you love by painting fall fruits and gourds. Another great investment are velvet, burlap and cloth pumpkins that you can use year after year.

Source: Craftberrybush.com
Source: So Much Better with Age
Pumpkin and Gourd Table Setting_Jennysteffens
Source: Jenny Steffens
White Hydrangeas and Pumpkins_At the Picket Fence
Source: At the Picket Fence
Cloth Pumpkins_One Kind Design
Source: One of a Kind Design

Fall Leaves

Fortunately, red and yellow are primary colors and can be mixed with blues! Adding stems of fall leaves to a vase instantly creates fall decor. Hang them from a chandelier for even more drama.

Fall Stems in a Container_Home Bunch
Source: Home Bunch
Bunch of berries and Leaves_EllaClaire
Source: Ella Claire
Fall Leaves from Chandelier_Home Bunch
Source: Home Bunch
Fall Leaves in a Vase_BHG
Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Silver Platter and Fall Leaves_Terrence Robinson
Source: Terrence Robinson

Pops of Orange Pumpkins and Red Apples

Pumpkins and apples are very inexpensive as a fall decor items.  They are easy to find and are long lasting too! Buy some in late September and as long as you don’t carve or cut them they will last for weeks.

Or you can buy plastic and foam pumpkins that never spoil, are carvable, and can be used in a larger variety of areas in your home. The only thing you have to worry about with apples is someone eats them!

Pumpkins in the House_Brit Morin
Source: Brit Morin
table setting with pale orange-white-green-pumpkins
Source: Ella Claire
Source: Julie Blanner
Pumpkin Floral Arrangement_roses in pumpkin
Source: Jenny Steffens
Apples and Pears_wheat
Source: Ella Claire

Shafts of Wheat and Indian Corn

Pulling from the earth is always a great choice for authentic fall decor ideas. Adding these simple elements to your home can even turn into a DIY project or a simple arrangement that takes just a few minutes.

anksgiving Sideboard-Wheat on Lamps-Last Minute-Porch Daydreamer-Wheat
Porch Daydreamer 2017 Thanksgiving
Wheat and White Pumpkins_ahouseandadog
Source: A House and a Dog
Corn Husk Center Piece
Source: Eddie Ross
Source: Uncommon Designs
Indian Corn and Berries_Rusticdecoratively
Source: Rustic Decoratively
Cornhusk Wreath_Stone Gable
Source: Stone Gable

How will you decorate now that I’ve filled your head with ideas? Bring on Fall I am ready!

How will I decorate? Well I’ve started with learning the art of decoupage and have decorated some white pumpkins with fall leaves! CLICK HERE for the tutorial!

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