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Kitchen Facelift Paint Plan: WK 5 ORC

Creating a paint plan literally let me leave home with peace of mind! It’s the back half of the One Room Challenge.

A paint plan is always a good thing to have handy. Little did I know how important my plan would be on the 3rd day of the kitchen remodel.

This remodel started when the world was in a stay-at-home order for COVID-19.

Getting on a plane for a family emergency was not something I expected to happen in the middle of the makeover.

This is week 5 of the 8 week One Room Challenge: WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3 | WEEK 4

Leaving In the Middle

It’s hard not to acknowledge what the world is like as I am remodeling the kitchen.

Yes, some thought I was crazy to let contractors in my home…but, it was a team I knew.

Plus the kitchen was literally sealed with plastic and I wasn’t using it during construction. 

Stay Home

So I let them in and sent my son to his dad’s for a week or so.

Good thing that was the plan because early on day 3 of construction I got a FaceTime call I’ll never forget.

It was my dad’s nurse in memory care and me what I thought was saying good-bye.  

Next was my mom saying “I need you here NOW!”


Luckily, I trusted my contractor and he showed up in an hour after I told him the situation.

He put a lockbox on my front door and told me “Don’t worry about us, go be with your family!”

That was April 23rd and I was on a plane to FL that night, for how long I didn’t know.  It was one of the worst days of my life.

What a strange experience feeling like I was in the twilight zone, with me being the ONLY person at the check-in counter at the Charlotte Douglas International airport.

I’ll fast-forward (to alleviate any worry) to my dad survived and is still recovering in a nursing home…we still haven’t been able to visit him.

Paint Plan 101

In addition to my general contractor, many stepped in to help while I was gone: my son, ex-husband, co-workers, friends, and boyfriend.

I’m forever grateful they kept all of my plates spinning for me.

Always having been good under-pressure I launched into action the day I left: hooking up drip irrigation in the rain, placing bushes for planting, and printing the paint plan!

To help determine how much paint to buy by determining which areas were getting specific colors, I dropped everything into a power point slide.


This was a GREAT tool to hand over to the team working on the kitchen!

If you watched my video from last week, you can see the printout laying on the island.  Yes, I recorded some of that video the day I left and somehow kept it together. 

Then I could forget about the kitchen, while I was tending to my family.

Always develop a paint plan for yourself and test the paint colors first.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint the island a color or the pantry for that matter, so this simple exercise helped me see it was the right decision.


My son sent progress pictures every evening and I was SO happy with the paint colors. 

The contractors painted every space exactly as the plan specified and it was a complicated plan!


Thank goodness for the paint plan and my son’s quick picture.

By the time I returned from FL the kitchen was finished and life felt a little bit better.

Progress pictures are little short on this makeover for sure 🙂

One Room Challenge: Follow Along

I’d appreciate if you would follow along in this design process and see what some of my other design friends are up to as well!

We’ve got only 2 more week, before the big reveal!


In week 6, I’ll be sharing details about the tile and how I mapped out that plan too.

Looking for lots of design inspiration for all of the rooms in your home?

Please visit the One Room Challenge Blog to see all of the guest designer’s plans and the featured designers too!

Some of the rooms I am watching that you may want to too:

Each Wednesday, I’ll be sharing a One Room Challenge update via the blog and posting on social media too.

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Have fun following along with the twists and turns of a kitchen makeover!

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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