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EASY No Sew Pillow Sham Update Using Ribbon

This easy no-sew pillow sham update will trade-up your bedding in minutes!

Are you looking for an inexpensive pillow sham update?

This easy no sew project can be used on any plain white pillow or pillow sham.

You can trade-up the look of your pillows in minutes using just a little bit of ribbon!

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Where to Buy Inexpensive Pillow Shams

Amazon is my FAVORITE place to buy white pillow shams – especially Euro shams, which can get pricey!

You can usually buy them in a two pack, which makes them even that much more budget friendly.

Add two day delivery and wow you can’t beat the deal and service.

Here are the cute Boho pom pom Euro shams I purchased for this project.

You’ll be surprised at how much a little ribbon traded up the look of the white Euro shams on my bed.

Plus the standard shams are gorgeous and came from Amazon too!


What an easy inexpensive update to add new shams and create a whole new look each season.

This was my spring update this year, with a pop of green added to my basic white bedding!

Want to know other ways to update your bedroom for spring inexpensively: 3 Quick Spring Bedroom Updates

Shop the Bedroom

Sorry, the shams I bought may already be sold out so I found similar options. 

At $12.99 for a TWO pack, you can’t beat it!









Seriously, all the the bedding I have is so affordable and HIGH quality too.

My favorite is the quilt because it is SO large I can tuck it into my deep mattress.

Shop: Deep Bedding Options

Plus it is washable too and is the perfect weight for year round use. 

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No Sew Pillow Sham Update with Ribbon

Head to your local fabric store and find a ribbon that coordinates with your bedding.

I love mixing a small pattern with a large and medium pattern on the bed for visual interest.

So you can see here I picked a small pattern on the ribbon to coordinate with the large pattern on the standard shams.


Use solid too, if you don’t like a lot of pattern and lay out the ribbon anyway you like.

Get creative and try a striped look, criss-crossed, or just keep it simple like I did!

Plus don’t feel like you are tied to the Euro sham size like I did.


5 Budget Friendly Updates for Your Patio or Porch

This is a great option for standard pillows or even regular square pillow covers as as well.

I used this same ribbon update on my white sunroom pillow covers too!


How-to Attach Ribbon to Any Pillow Sham or Cover

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

Easy ribbon iron-on update for pillows and pillow shams.




  1. apply-spray-starch-iron Iron the pillow sham or cover with spray starch, so it is crisp and smooth before adding ribbon. plain-white-pillow-sham
  2. fuse-end-ribbon-hemming-tape Fold over one end of the ribbon and insert a small piece of hemming tape. Place a damp wash cloth over the folded section and apply a hot iron for 10 seconds to fuse the two together for a finished edge.
  3. pull-sham-single-layer-over-towel Use a white towel to protect your ironing board cover, unzip pillow sham, and slide onto the ironing board, and ensure it is smooth prior to applying the ribbon.
  4. hemming-tape-ribbon-together Cut hemming tape the same length as the ribbon you are going to apply and join it with the ribbon (on the side getting attached).
  5. pin-ribbon-tape-to-sham Using pins, attach the combined hemming tape and ribbon where you want it attached to the sham.
  6. damp-white-washcloth Use WHITE wash cloth so there isn't dye transfer. Get it damp with water and ring out excess.
  7. press-hot-iron-over-damp-wash-cloth Make sure the iron is at the highest heat setting with the steam ON, place damp wash cloth over the ribbon, and apply the iron for 10 to 20 seconds to fuse the hemming tape and ribbon to the sham. Move down the ribbon with the same method until the ribbon is applied. Add hemming tape as need to secure the ribbon at the ends.
  8. update-euro-pillow-sham-ribbon Once ribbon is attached, iron the damp edges of the sham created by this process. Let dry for one hour and place on pillow covers!


  1. Pre-mark where you want the ribbon placed prior to putting it on the ironing board.
  2. Get creative with the ribbon placement and use as much or as little as you like!
  3. Make sure the wash cloth is damp before applying the iron - the steam and heat combined activates the hemming tape.
  4. If you find an area didn't adhere, apply the damp wash cloth and iron again.
  5. Make sure to press down with the iron and not run it back and forth to keep the ribbon and hemming tape in place.
  6. Yes! You can wash the shams after the ribbon has fused and dried. Just use a low temp gentle cycle on the washer and dryer.
  7. DON'T use ribbon with wire. Use plain satin or grosgrain ribbon.

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I sure LOVE the new look and how sophisticated the bedding looks!

It’s amazing that in just a few minutes you can trade up the look of your pillows and pillow shams.

Have fun and be creative!


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  1. Tracey, you are such a wealth of knowledge! Just love your posts! I would never have thought to use ribbon on a pillow sham but I sure will be doing this to some white shams in our guest bedroom! What a great idea!

    Your instructions are excellent! As always, you explain everything so well. Everyone is able to do this even if they do not sew.

    Thanks, Tracey, for this wonderful idea!

    Then, adding ribbon to that platter above your bed is just amazing!

    Always enjoy seeing what you do!

    Have a great day! Hope your dear Dad has settled in well at his new home.


  2. You are so clever! I think I will give this project a try . I gave away my sewing machine so this project is perfect for me. Thank you for making the instructional video! Thank you for sharing all your ideas.

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