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The 4 Elements of Cottage Core Style

Want to know what the Cottagecore home style is? Sharing the 4 easy decorating elements you can use in your home.

The Cottagecore home style and aesthetic has gone viral on TikTok #cottagecoreaesthetic, but it’s not just for millennials who want to trade city life for a rustic lifestyle!

It’s also for those who are looking for a more laid-back and natural way of living. It’s like going back in time to embrace a simpler life in the country.

From furniture to decor, I’m explaining this easy aesthetic and four key elements to bring cottagecore into your life and home!

What is Cottagecore Home Style?

It goes beyond just home decor and is a style that takes an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life to create the coziness of the country.

Specifically in home décor, Cottagecore includes vintage furniture, pastel colors and rustic finishes.

As I did my research, I also see a elements of French Country and English Country, hence the “cottage” style.

Picture a welcoming, lived-in space that’s slightly cluttered with one-of-a kind homemade decor and unique items.

Think of it as “grandma chic” or an updated version of the 90’s “shabby chic”. 

Cottages & Bungalows / Designer Sharon Brandt / Photographer Bret Gum
Cottages & Bungalows / Designer Sharon Brandt / Photographer Bret Gum

The Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore while it doesn’t have many hard-and-fast rules, when it comes to design there are a few elements that can help you achieve the look.

Good news! Flea market finds, Habit for Humanity hauls, Facebook Marketplace and your grandma’s attic are great places to find items for the cottagecore home style.

That means it’s an affordable and easy to create style in any home and at any budget.

Here is your guide as you hunt for those bargains and one of a kind finds.

4 Style Elements of a Cottagecore room:

  1. Comfy furniture with a lived in look.
  2. Floral patterns in textiles, accessories and artwork.
  3. Mix of warm neutrals, with pops of color specifically pastels.
  4. Vintage home decor like rugs, china, pottery, and whimsical finds.

Doesn’t that sound like a warm and welcoming room you want to settle into and stay awhile or cozy up to read a book?

In addition to these four style elements, cottagecore uses warm natural materials like wood and stone to create a cozy vibe.

Pastels are a favorite among cottagecore lovers because they give off that sense of warmth versus brighter jewel tones.

Think about shades like blush, peach, and baby blue.

This is a perfect example of all the elements in cottagecore home style in one little space.

Don’t you want to cozy up with the dog next to the fire?

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Cottagecore Furniture and Accessory Styles

Found some second hand treasures, were gifted some hand-me-down pieces, or antique furniture? They are at the the center of a cottagecore home.

Cottagecore furniture typically has curved lines with soft upholstery that invites you to sit. Wood stains are warm and well loved.

Think about adding simple furniture pieces that are upholstered in well worn fabrics for a homespun look.

Cottagecore invites you to makeover a piece of dated furniture with a fun paint color and distress it or update the stain to a warmer finish for that lived-in look with vintage charm.

Accessorize all of that beautiful furniture by adding stoneware vases, mixed with fine china, and an interesting traditional lamp or chandelier.

It’s all about mixing unusual pieces that feel they’ve been collected over time.

Patterns and Colors in Cottagecore Aesthetic

This home style incorporates nostalgic elements in patterns like dainty prints and rustic woven textures for the perfect cottagecore vibe.

Love floral patterns or flowers in general? They are at the heart of the cottagecore home style.

Use floral artwork, needle point pillows, home decor accessories, and of course throw some actual flowers in a vase!

To keep the style simple, use patterned pillows, rugs, and accessories while leaving the back drop quiet and neutral.

Are you loving this laid back look and ready to makeover space in cottagecore style?

I took this picture of this house near Vail, CO!

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Shop Cottagecore Furniture and Accessories

Boy I had FUN searching for all of these cottagecore home style finds.

It makes me want to go thrifting and redecorate a little bit. Do you feel the same way?

What an easy and affordable style that anyone can incorporate into their home!

I hope you found something you love even if cottagecore isn’t your style!

There are so many pretty finds in this shop of home goodies.

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