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50 Cabinet Hardware Options to Match Your Faucets!

Yes! There are cabinet hardware finishes that will match your faucets!

Do you want to match your cabinet hardware pulls and knobs to your kitchen or bathroom faucets and plumbing fixtures?

Well, I’m here to help you find those exact matches.

How do I know which cabinet hardware matches the major plumbing fixture brands like Kohler, Moen, and Delta?

Well, I used to head up marketing and sales at one of the biggest cabinet hardware brands, Amerock!

Call me an expert in cabinet hardware and your guide on the best cabinet hardware that will match your faucets.

Does the Cabinet Hardware Have to Match the Faucet?

The short and simple answer is no, definitely not.

You can mix and match metal finishes in kitchens and bathrooms.

Black, gold and satin nickel all can be blended together without issue for interesting combinations.

It gets more complicated if you are looking at polished nickel, which may not look right with a chrome faucet.

Or maybe you just like things to match…like I did in my master bathroom remodel (click for the details). 

Polished Nickel Kohler Faucet and Amerock Cabinet Hardware

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

In my master bathroom the fashion plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware all match.

Yes, I went to great lengths to find matching polished nickel light fixtures, tray, and curtain rod too!

BUT, that’s a different post so let’s dive into the matching faucets shall we?

Shop My Polished Nickel Accessories

The faucet looks like it may be discontinued in Polished Nickel, so here are additional widespread faucets in vibrant polished nickel

Faucet Brands that Match Cabinet Hardware

Of course I’m only going to focus on Amerock because that is where my expertise is and I want to give you the best information I can. 

Amerock worked to create matching finishes to the major faucet manufacturers.

I’ve been multiple times to the biggest Kitchen & Bath industry trade show: KBIS and seen all of these in person as proof 🙂

What is nice is regardless of the faucet or plumbing fixture type, all of these brands will match the cabinet hardware I’m recommending.

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Core Faucet Finishes from Each Brand


Here is an example of each finish from Kohler (pictures are shoppable):


Here is an example of each finish from Delta (pictures are shoppable):


Here is an example of each finish from Moen (pictures are shoppable):

Now that you’ve seen the finishes from the major faucet brands it’s time to look at pretty cabinet hardware.

Cabinet hardware is the BEST and most AFFORDABLE accessory you can add to cabinets to update your kitchen or bathroom.

Best Cabinet Hardware that Matches Faucets

To make it easy for you, I’ll organize by the finish of the cabinet hardware.

That is usually where people start when searching for new knobs and pulls for their cabinets.

We’ll be focusing on the main cabinet hardware finishes in Silver, Gold, Black and Bronze.

Core Silver, Gold, Black and Bronze Finishes:

If you don’t know what finish to chose, the easiest to use and most popular finishes is Satin Nickel.

It’s timeless and will never to out of style, so if you want a classic it is your safe bet!



The details of the sizes can be found in the post linked above this image. 

Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware for Brushed Nickel Faucets

Seriously, this list of collections is just scratching the surface of what is available.

Almost all collections are available in satin nickel and come in every style preference you can imagine!

Some of my favorite collections with knobs and pulls:

  1. Candler
  2. Manor
  3. Destine
  4. Sea Grass (see in my kitchen with Ashby cup pulls)
  5. Ashby Cup Pulls 
Shop Satin Nickel Knobs and Pulls


There are a TON of options in Satin Nickel, this will give you a good start on your search!

Polished Nickel Cabinet Hardware for Polished Nickel Faucets

Some of my favorite collections with knobs and pulls: 

  1. St. Vincent
  2. Blythe
  3. Westerly
  4. Wells
Shop Polished Nickel Knobs and Pulls


I love the shine and warmth of polished nickel.

So much prettier than the blue cast in polished chrome!

Brushed Gold Cabinet Hardware for Gold Faucets

Gold gets a little trickier because there are so many varieties.

There is a softer gold finish called Golden Champagne and a deeper finishes Gilded and Champagne Bronze.

Make sure to buy just one piece of hardware to test it first with your faucet!

Some of my favorite collections with knobs and pulls:

  1. Grace Revitalize
  2. Exceed
  3. Oberon/Glacio
  4. Cyprus
Shop Brushed Gold Knobs and Pulls


You can see the variety of golds in this mix, where some are much bolder and others are a softer gold.

Go with what works best with your faucet. 

Black Bronze Cabinet Hardware for Matte Black Faucets

I’m not sure why Amerock name their black as black bronze, but they did.

In more recent collections they are named Matte Black.

Some of my favorite collections with knobs and pulls: 

  1. Radius
  2. Mulholland
  3. Surpass
  4. Mergence
Shop Black Knobs and Pulls


Black looks so fresh and new!

I used it most recently in my powder room remodel and love the look. 

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware for Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucets

Oil-rubbed bronze is an interesting finish because it has a copper undertone.

The bronze is rubbed off to expose the copper giving this finish a warm feel.

It’s definitely a more traditional option, so keep that in mind as you search for this finish in cabinet hardware. 

Some of my favorite collections with knobs and pulls: 

  1. Highland Ridge
  2. Davenport
  3. Crawford
  4. Blackrock
Shop Oil-Rubbed Bronze Knobs and Pulls

The copper highlights on these designs make them look so special!

This finish also will look beautiful with copper sinks too.


Make sure you love the look with your faucet and that the coppers are complementary by buying just one piece to test.

Hopefully, you found an option that will work in your home!

Want to know more about how to pair cabinet knobs with pulls?

In this NEW post I’m teaching you all of the design secrets and helping you find the perfect hardware for your style!

Cabinet Hardware to Match Your Kitchen Style


If you’d like to learn how to install cabinet hardware pulls, watch this video: 

Or if you are on a MAJOR budget and would like to transform your current hardware, consider spray painting it!

Phew! That was a lot of ideas and information, but I LOVE to teach what I know.

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    1. You can always buy discounted pieces on Facebook marketplace or at a consignment store and paint things. Or sew pillows and drapes yourself. That is how I started furnishing and decorating my home on a budget!

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