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Modern Coastal Powder Room: ORC WK 5

Creating a faux Pottery Barn Seadrift finish and solving a major light fixture issue this week!

My contractor made a BIG mistake – oh yes he did. Plus he cashed my check too! Find out how I fixed the issue and see if you like how my faux Seadrift Pottery Barn turned out.

This is week 5 of the Once Room Challenge and next week is REVEAL week…

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Lighting Craziness

Unfortunately, my contractor hung my light WAY to close to the wall creating a big issue. Really my problems are two fold: the light is too close to the mirror and the light is too big covering up the mirror.

How Kip measured and got this result I don’t know? Unfortunately, I had to run to a meeting in the middle of hanging the light and he was long gone when I returned. Plus cashed my check and never responded when I asked him to move or re-hang the light. Sad.

Hangar Light Progress Lighting Hung too Close to Wall

Luckily, Progress Lighting saved the day and offered a smaller light to fix the problem. Thank goodness! The Hangar Light from Progress Lighting sure is gorgeous, but it’s been replaced with this modern beauty which is only 12 inches in diameter. 

It’s call the Spatial light from Progress Lighting, which is quite ironic isn’t it? LOL

Electrician When Needed

You can imagine how much I didn’t want another project on my plate, but yes now I was faced with taking down the old light and hanging the new one. After my office makeover converting a can light to a fixture, I was trying to swear off installing lights. 

preparing light fixture for installation

Just days after I got back from China (yes, I was in China a week this month!), I recruited my friend George to help me hang the light. 

If you didn’t know, the hard part is determining the height you want the light to hang and then getting the chain and electrical wire the correct length. NOT EASY!

progress lighting spatial light installed

Nailed it! Seriously, I feel like I just got lucky on this one and hit the mirror at the top point like I hoped! The new light is PERFECT and airy. I loved the other light, but with the shade took up too much visual space.

Light Progress Fixture Spatial Matte Black Light Fixture in Mirror with Blueprint Paint

You can see how I didn’t have much space to work with between the wall and mirror, but phew it was just enough! I’m loving the matte black finish for that modern vibe. 

Pottery Barn Seadrift Look Alike

Since a new vanity just wasn’t in the budget and paint was, I decided that a driftwood type finish would be the perfect coastal touch in the powder room. Having created a similar driftwood finish previously, I had a good sense of what was needed to create the finish.

Then this weekend I saw this Pottery Barn nightstand and the Seadrift finish in person, so I had a good visual of the layers of colors that were going to be needed.


Since I always have a stash of paint, I was able to use a clear glaze, pale gray paint, and antiquing glaze to create a cool new finish! 

What I can’t believe is how it looks like there is a wood grain and there isn’t! Here is what the vanity looked like before…

Powder Room Vanity Before Makeover

What a TREMENDOUS change from the espresso stain. I took a poll on my Instagram account and it was almost unanimous that I need to write a tutorial 🙂

faux pottery barn seadrift finish close up

Here is what it looks like now with the new Glacio pulls from Amerock. Beautiful!

Seadrift faux finish and Amerock glacio pulls in black bronze

Remember my paint sprayer died on me in WEEK 4, so I was hoping the globs of primer and paint were going to enhance the finish and luckily they did 🙂

Lovely Artwork

Since this is a very small space, it didn’t require much artwork. I decided to add a piece above the toilet and one on the wall to the right of the vanity.

Etsy is the best place to find original artwork from new talented artists.  Some how I landed on Kristina Hoover.  She has the most beautiful and unique pieces plus teaches her techniques!

The artwork came MATTED and ready to go in a 16 x 20 size.  What a treat – one less thing to worry about!Kristina Hoover Fine Art hanging on blueprint wall

The frame is an inexpensive option from Hobby Lobby with a faux finish I developed to look like reclaimed wood. If you want to see the process, watch my ORC highlights on Instagram.

Shop the Plan

Moving the Finish Line

Well after all of the paint updates to the powder room, it left the foyer looking a little dated. Yep, I decided to do a mini makeover of that space too!

God help me, but I ended up painting again this past weekend. The results are spectacular, but you will have to wait for the reveal to see it! The walls got a fresh coat of white paint and I shifted the console paint from a green to a blue. 

foyer before with gold and off white stripes

A lot of work, but TOTALLY worth it. You always hear this, but paint is the most budget friendly option you have to completely transform a space.

After the new paint colors, guess what? The rug in the foyer didn’t match. 

This weekend I went on the hunt for a new one. Here is the beautiful rug I found at 50% off! It looks perfect with the blue and I bought it AFTER I painted. Talk about luck. 

Pin It for Later!

Modern Coastal Powder Room Makeover Week 5

What’s Next?

Styling and a photo shoot! I’ll be contorting my body into strange shapes to get pictures of this small space and ducking to stay out of the mirror LOL. 

Come back next week to see the BIG REVEAL and decide if I brought that Modern Coastal style.

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. Oh my goodness – TUTORIAL PLEASE!!!!! I have a few things that need this finish STAT and would love to know at least what colors you used to blend? This is just gorgeous. I love it!

  2. Loving – and cant wait to see next week! That stain is REALLY amazing- I cant wait for the tutorial… and if you could teach me how to take polls on stuff that would be amazing! 🙂 Cheers!

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