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Easy Fall Table Using Garden Flowers

Looking for easy fall table decor this season? Start in your garden to find fall color inspiration!

This was an easy fall table that I pulled together in just 15 minutes!

With everything that happens during the holidays, who doesn’t want the easy button when is comes to fall decor.

If you start in your own garden or with clippings from nature, you can save money and find Mother Nature inspired fall color combinations. 

Easy Fall Table Using Dried Hydrangeas

While cleaning up the landscaping around my home, I got inspired by some dried hydrangeas trimmed off the bush.

They naturally turned from shades of blue to green, pink and purple. Lovely!

If Mother Nature created this color combination for fall, then it was the perfect jumping off point for my fall table.


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Plus I found these pretty rose gold dipped bud vases for a simple centerpiece and my fall table was born!

Luckily, I had pink accents ready to go in my stash of home decor.

Always look through what is in your table decor inventory, BEFORE buying anything.

This year I DEFINITELY went away from the typical fall colors.



Elements of a fall tablescape:

  • Tablecloth
  • Runner
  • Placements
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Water and wine glass

PLUS, I have a credenza in the dining room that needed a fall “arrangement” so I dug into my home decor closet for some pretty glass pumpkins. 

Table Scarf for Fall Decor

This is a little trick that I talk a lot about in my 48 Neutral Fall Home Decor Finds! is to use a SCARF straight from your closet.

That is exactly what I did for my easy fall tablescape.

My scarf had all of the accent colors I wanted to capture in the room: gray, blue, brown, green and pink.

Plus I LOVED how the scarf also coordinated SO well with the tissue paper plates I made a couple years ago.

So dig through your closet to find oversized scarves or blanket scarf for a pretty layer on your fall table. 

A gray linen table runner on top of the bird scarf cuts down the overall pattern for a softer look as a base for the table setting. 

How-to Layer a Table Setting

There a SO many ways to layer a table setting and I will do it differently each year 🙂

Some easy elements to build from for a table setting: 

  1. Charger
  2. Placement
  3. Napkin
  4. Dinner plate
  5. Salad plate

You can put the napkin under the plate, to the left under the fork, on the table above the plates, or on the plates too!

Don’t worry too much and just do what you like.

I vary what I do every year…take a look at last year’s French Country Fall table.


Just a few elements changed for a whole new look right? 

Both tables look just as pretty, but also look very different.

I like both tables and it is amazing how they both work with the blue backdrop of the room.

If you want a FULL tutorial on how to create a tablescape read:

How-to Create a Pinterest Worthy Table

So get creative and think of it as layering color PLUS texture for a prettier look. 

Glass Pumpkins for a Fall Decor Win!

Yes, I have quite the collection of glass pumpkins and each year I mix and match them for a new look.

This year I grabbed white, clear and pink glass pumpkins and stacked them on the credenza to pull the color to the end of the room.

glass-pumpkins-stacked-dining-room-sideboard blue-painted-credenza-dining-room-round-mirror-stacked-glass-pumpkins

They pick up the pretty glass bead detail in both the chandelier and the hobnail glasses on the table.

Glass pumpkins are so versatile to use in your decor and reflect the light so beautifully too. 

Shop Glass Pumpkins

I HAD to throw in pink glass pumpkins to match the pink wine glasses and napkins.

Everything works so beautifully together for a very non-traditional fall table.

Mick is feeling right at home in the pretty fall decor…


Are you ready to get shopping to create your easy fall table?

Here are some ideas to get you inspired this autumn season to create something special.

Shop Fall Table Decor

Look for Mother Nature to inspire you too!

Cut grasses, dried hydrangeas, stems of fall leaves, berries, or acorns.

There is a lot to choose from if you just start looking around the outdoors.

I hope I’ve helped you learn something new or become more confident in crafting your own easy fall table.

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Until next time…

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