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48 Neutral Fall Home Decor Finds!

Are you a minimalist when it comes to decorating for fall? Here are some easy neutral fall home decor ideas!

Neutral fall decor fits more closely to my home’s design aesthetic. Does this resonate with you?

When the bright reds and oranges don’t fit or you just want to add “touches” of fall then these products are for you!

I’ve found some pretty neutral fall accents to consider for your home.

What is Neutral Fall Decor?

During the fall season colors change from vibrant annual flowers and green grass to shades of off-whites, grays, reds, golds and browns.

Let mother nature be your guide and choose colors she features during the autumn.

Use neutral shades with maybe a touch of orange instead of full blown red and orange as is traditionally used. 

Here is my mantel from last year’s fall home tour, which is decorated for fall but very muted.



Here is a pretty set of neutral fall colors from from my autumn dining room tablescape. 

Shapes of autumn are also something to consider, but in neutral colors.

Think about using items you find in a variety of finishes: Pumpkins and gourds, leaves, acorns, turkeys and pheasants.

There are a lot of ways to bring in fall without placing one single orange pumpkin in your home 😉

Not that I am opposed to orange pumpkins and still think they are a fun accessory!

It was all about pumpkins last year and I’ll be finding new and creative ways to use them this year too!

Another INEXPENSIVE way to add fall pops is by using blanket scarves as throws around your home.


I’ve used blanket scarves in the following ways:

  • Throw on a chair or sofa
  • Blanket on the outdoor porches
  • Under a tray on the kitchen island or coffee table
  • Table scarf

Easy ideas that can be executed in just a few minutes for a pop of fall color.

Plus they are great to wear or snuggle in too! I take mine when traveling.

Neutral Fall Decor Inspired by Nature

Look for decor colors and shapes that reflect these items in nature:

  • Dried wispy grasses
  • Faded annual foliage and flowers
  • Dusty greens
  • Weathered branches
  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Leaf shapes
  • Acorns 
  • Turkeys and pheasants

There is a TON to choose from, so of course I’ve narrowed it down for us!

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Neutral Fall Decor 

Anyone who has read my blog before, knows I love to put things in understandable “buckets” or categories.

So of course to share the neutral fall decor I’ve found for you, I’ll be doing the same thing!

  1. Neutral Fall Wreaths
  2. Fall Pillow Finds
  3. Simple Accessories for Fall
  4. Multi-Use Blanket Scarves 

Neutral Pretty Fall Wreaths

First up, who doesn’t love a pretty wreath? They are the “easy button in decorating. 

Just hang them for an instant and easy update this fall.


1. Gold Leaf Wreath | 2. Green Grass Wreath | 3. Grape Leaf Wreath | 4. Pumpkin Wreath | 5. Wheat Wreath | 6. Wire Eucalyptus Wreath| 7. Hydrangea Wreath | 8. Copper Metal Wreath

Don’t just hang wreaths on exterior doors, but on mirrors, over artwork, on the wall, or propped on the mantel.

Each of these wreaths provide so much texture and dimension in your fall decor.

Neutral Fall Pillow Finds

Pillows are the easiest and typically the most inexpensive way to update a room for fall.

Many of these are neutral enough that they can be used through Thanksgiving.


1. Brown Acorn | 2. Hello Beautiful | 3. Welcome Autumn| 4. Happy Fall Y’all | 5. Gather | 6. Give Thanks | 7. Be Thankful | 8. Autumn is Here

Place pillows on kitchen chairs, accent chairs, beds and sofas for a neutral pop this fall season.

Want to know where I store all of my seasonal decor? Visit my home decor storage closet!

Fall Accessories

Maybe you are already “in it to win it” with your fall decor and are just looking for a few small things for an update this season?

Adding seasonal autumn touches with salt and pepper shakers or place card holders is nice especially for Thanksgiving.

I love having fall plates as well to dress up my table and china cabinet for a couple of months. 


1. Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker | 2. Turkey Name Card Holders| 3. Pumpkin Pillows | 4. Pumpkin Flameless Candles | 5. Wheat Candles | 6. Wheat Stack | 7. Gourd Platter | 8. Pumpkin Plates

Or maybe use the wheat stack and candles as a simple nod to fall.

Here you can see how I layered my everyday plates with pumpkin salad plates for a new look.

Adding woven textures is nice in any style of decor.

Check out my 15 Minute Fall Table Here!


Just a few layers are needed to create a pretty fall table setting.

You can think in pastel fall colors like I do!

Multi-Use Blanket Scarves

To this day, this is my favorite fall hack…using what is normally worn as an oversized scarf as a home decor accessory!

I discovered this trick when I didn’t have a fall table cloth or runner for Thanksgiving and pulled a scarf out of my closet.

It’s now become a thing and some of the big retailers are selling “table scarves”.


1. Blue/Neutrals | 2. Browns | 3. Orange | 4. White/Blue| 5. Tan/Gray | 6. Blue/Burgundy | 7. Gold/Orange | 8. Burgundy/Black

Well SAVE YOURSELF a ton and buy the apparel versions that are big enough for a table or a couch!

You can use the colors in the scarf as a jumping off point for all of your fall decor.

The true easy fall decor decorating idea!


Fall Decor Ideas

Want more ideas on how to decorate this fall?

Read these other articles to guide you!

Bring on fall y’all! I’m ready are you?

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Until next time…

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