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Easy-To-Create Christmas Tablescapes

Are you starting to think about family coming for Christmas dinner and want to have a beautiful table setting? Here are the key elements to any beautiful tablescape!

Is the table the last thing you think about, when family is coming for Christmas? I have to admit it is the the last piece of Christmas decor I assemble each year – because it’s not may favorite task. Are you surprised?

Yes, I am a blogger and should be a tablescape extraordinaire – but I am not.  My tablescape skills are just fine, but I’ve decided to study the work of other bloggers that really inspire me to up my Christmas tablescape game. 

After my dining room makeover this year I’ll have to come up with a whole new look. Here I am sharing what I’ve learned and the basic decor items needed to throw together a simple Christmas table setting that looks like a professional did it!

Christmas Tablescape Simplified

After looking at some seriously beautiful, but simple Christmas tablescapes, I’ve identified some key elements in each beautiful picture.

My goal in selecting the designs, was finding options that we can all mimic.

Cover photo credit: Monika Hibbs

They have clear design elements that we have in our own homes and can use to create our Christmas tables. Or if you don’t have what you need can inexpensively add them to your home decor.

Watch for these key design elements as you review the photography:

  1. Simple Runner
  2. Chargers
  3. Holiday Salad Plates
  4. Cut or Pressed Glass Cups
  5. Candlesticks or votives
  6. Flowers and/or Fruit
  7. Fresh or faux greenery
  8. Pretty flatware

Doesn’t that seem simple and doable? You might have all of this stuff tucked away in boxes. I know I do!

Think about what you have in your home that you can gather to build similar looks. It’s amazing that you likely have most everything and only need to fill in a few things!

Please support these beautiful tablescape artists by clicking through to their sites to see all of the details.

Sanctuary Home


Karen is a new blogger to me and I am now obsessed with her style and decor! She brings a fresh perspective to traditional and inspires me with her unique styling.

She’s layered lots of plates, different styles of glasses, garland with candlesticks, and those gorgeous copper accents.

Want to know how she made those great DIY pears? Here is the full tutorial that I’d like to try myself 🙂

French Larkspur


This shop and blog have French decor down pat, so of course I was drawn to this gorgeous yet simple table!

I absolutely love the runner that reminds me of a candy cane. This table is one that looks sophisticated, but could be done the day of a dinner.

Just use your everyday white dinnerware to create this look. If you don’t have faux rose-hips, try to find some holly berry stems in your own yard.

Just a sprig of rosemary from the grocery store and pomegranate seeds complete this simple style. 

Porch Daydreamer

Happy Christmas Place Setting

Here is my simple tablescape from last year using traditional Christmas salad plates. Use an ornament for a a name card and for sparkle! I’m a big fan of using what you have and repurposing it.

Feel free to throw a few ornaments in a crystal bowl, until you have time to create a fresh floral arrangement. 

By using a charger of greens under a silver charger added depth and dimension. Then mixed in my gold rimmed china and crystal for a little glamour.

Don’t be scared to mix more casual items with more formal items, for a fun tablescape!

Monika Hibbs


Don’t be fooled by this fabulous picture and think that this table is difficult – it isn’t! It has all of the same simple elements just layered more intensely.

I just love all of the textures of this tablescape and those chairs are amazing! They kind of steal the show 🙂

Monika Hibbs has a fresh clean approach and gives practical tips, with step by step instructions on how to achieve a variety of looks! Her newest tablescape can be found here.

I aspire to her success as a blogger 🙂

Simple and Traditional Christmas Table Made Easy

What is interesting about all of these tables is they involve lots of textures and layers. Plus the glow of candles, which makes everything look amazing right?

We can do this! All it takes is having a few items on hand and in just a few minutes, we can pull together our own beautiful tablescape! Click the picture below to shop all of my favorites!

Shop Favorite Christmas Table Decor

Looking for more simple Christmas decorating tips? Check out my new Christmas mantel that is easy to create or learn how to hang all of your Christmas decor! 

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer



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