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Beautiful Christmas Decor at Affordable Prices

Christmas decorating is on my mind and finding beautiful affordable decor is my mission!

Christmas decorating is truly one of my favorite pastimes! I put on my Time-Life Treasury of Christmas albums a little too loud and start dragging the decor out of the attic to see what I have. 

Come along with me, as I help you get in the Christmas decorating spirit! I’m sharing my favorite beautiful decor finds – that are affordable too. By just adding a few pillows, garland, and glass trees you can decorate this Christmas on a budget. Let’s make our homes beautiful together!

If you would like to see what my home looked like last Christmas year, click here! 

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Beautiful Christmas Decor

This year I decided to explore getting a flocked tree. If you don’t know what that is, it is the mainly white tree you see floating past you in gorgeous Instagram pictures that seem to glow. They literally look as if they have a coating of fresh fallen snow!

So while they do create a little bit of a mess, they sure are beautiful! I’ve linked the most affordable 7.5 ft flocked tree that I could find and purchased!

Plus am sharing gorgeous flocked garlands and wreaths to compete the look.

Flocked Trees, Wreaths, and Garland



1. Small Full Pine Tree | 2. Mini Tree with Pinecones | 3. Mini Balsam Tree | 4. Fluffy Flocked Wreath | 5. Christmas Tree Pre-Lit | 6. Wreath with Pinecones | 7. Dusted Pine Garland | 8. Snowy Pine Garland | 9. Cedar Pine Garland

Not ready for a full sized flocked Christmas tree? Try one of the minis instead! Add a few fairy lights and place them as easy Christmas decor just about anywhere.  

The new flocked Christmas tree is for the dining room and I LOVE having a 2nd tree downstairs. My family is excited about eating by the twinkling lights 🙂

They didn’t even complain when I said it’s going up for Thanksgiving!Blush-Pink-and-Champagne-Ornaments-Target

I’ll be adding blush and champagne ornaments that were the best find and so pretty! Non-breakable too.

Pretty Neutral Christmas Pillows

Adding a few Christmas pillows to chairs and sofas is an easy way to decorate for the holidays. It’s so fun to re-use them year after year. My favorite Christmas pillows are two little poinsettia pillows I add to my chairs in the sitting area.

They are neutral and blend-into my normal decor, but add a little extra something special. I get a smile on my face every year putting them in place! I’ve linked a very similar option for you.


1. Blush Merry Christmas | 2. No Place Like Home | 3. Blush Glitter Trees | 4. Gray Snowflakes | 5. Cream Poinsettia | 6. Silver Sequin Tree | 7. Rudolph the Reindeer | 8. Gold Glitter Tree | 9. Baby It’s Cold | 10. Tree in Car | 11. Fresh Cut Trees | 12. Merry Berry Wreath

Because I like a bargain, most of these pillows and pillow covers are around or under $25. Some of the more decorative ones are a little more and there are a few at $10!

Covers are the BEST because they are easy to store and put right over your current throw pillows.

Glass and Ceramic Christmas Trees

Glass Christmas trees were a new discovery for me last year. I LOVE them and I think a lot of people do because many retailers are now including these beautiful trees in their holiday collections. They are a perfect Christmas collectible. 

To see a couple of my glass trees in use on my bar cart, click here.

Beautiful-Glass-and-Ceramic-Christmas-TreesThe blush pink glass tree is my favorite and I purchased a few this year for both my dining room and even in my bedroom.

1. Mint Ceramic | 2. Rose Gold | 3. White Swirl | 4. Mercury Glass | 5. Gold Glass | 6. Blush Pink | 7. Mottled Gold | 8. White Punch Out | 9. Clear Glass

That’s what so great about these beauties is that they can be used in so many rooms – even in a powder room 🙂 Have you seen my recent makeover? I’m liking that pretty clear glass tree as a new holiday addition!

Fun Little Reindeer Statues

You’ll see a couple of these fun figurines in my home this Christmas! They just fit with my French Country dining room and are easy accents in the rest of my room.

Place one on a coffee table, small ones on the mantel, a larger one on a kitchen island and you have a very sophisticated French feel.

Christmas reindeer can be re-used in different ways each year by separating or grouping them together. Just like the trees I think they make a fun Christmas collectible. 


1. 2 PC Gold Standing |2. Silver Sitting | 3. White Standing | 4. Brass Standing | 5. Gold Sitting Votives | 6. Brass Mini | 7. Straight Leg Brass | 8. Spread Antlers Gold | 9. Fur Cuff Gold

There are some very affordable options I’ve included and a splurge as well! I can’t wait to put these out this year and see how many fun ways I can incorporate them into my Christmas decor! Please note the sizes prior to ordering because I’ve mixed large and small in this image and it’s not to scale.

Buy Christmas Decor Now

Yes, if you didn’t find something here I hope you are at least inspired to begin the process! My home is currently a mix of glass pumpkins, glass trees, and a naked flocked Christmas tree. I’m right there with you trying to figure it all out for my home.

Truly, if you see something buy it and take it back if you don’t use it. I have so many regrets not buying things right away. This past weekend I filled my cart and we will see what stays in my home!

I’ll be doing a Christmas home tour at the end of November. So you don’t miss that post, please consider signing up for my weekly email newsletter!

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. I bought a flocked tree this year for the first time, and while my daughter said it was the prettiest tree we’ve ever had (before we decorated it), we have been coughing all day since we put it up. The curio cabinet it is sitting next to is covered in a coat of white dust, and I guess we inhaled the rest while I was fluffing it. It is very pretty decorated and I’m sure we will enjoy it, but next year I must remember to buy surgical masks before we put it up!!

    1. Kelly, they are sooo pretty – once you get them up and in place. I wore the mask I use when I spray paint due to my asthma 😷 Honestly, I think we all should avoid breathing in the fake snow!

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