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Master Bathroom Remodel Luxury Hotel: ORC WK 5

What happens the last week of a bathroom remodel. Plus all of the little touches that are giving the bathroom a luxury hotel feel!

Wow, we are at week 5 of the bathroom remodel and I can’t even believe the reveal is on May 8th! I’m giving you a tiny sneak peek later in the post.

This week I’ll cover how at the end things all come together in a remodel. Plus I’ll share the pretty details that are making the bathroom feel like a luxury hotel.

If you would like to start from the beginning visit this page: Master Bathroom Remodel

Final Week of Bathroom Remodel

Luckily, we’ve turned the corner of ugly and the master bathroom design is revealing its self in little pieces.

I’m so glad I used the One Room Challenge this spring as a push to make this bathroom remodel a reality. It’s going to be so exciting to share it with you next week!

What happens the last days of a remodel you ask? A LOT! The little details come together.

Final Stages of a Bathroom Remodel

  1. Plumbing fixtures installed in shower
  2. Marble tub deck installed
  3. Tub set in place
  4. Tub plumbing lines run / water tested
  5. Painting walls, doors, ceiling, and cabinets
  6. Install cabinet hardware
  7. Hang light fixtures
  8. Hang towel, toilet paper, and robe hardware
  9. Mirrors hung
  10. Glass shower measured and installed

Because the foundation of sheet rock, drywall repair, wiring, and tile have been finalized all the other items come together quickly.



Yes, every bathroom renovation has delays or contractors get sick, so be mindful this is not a smooth or linear process!

See the cracked tile? That delayed us 3 days…


A few of things happened:

  • We realized the tile was straight down onto the tub deck, so the marble couldn’t be installed without creating a space.
  • The shadow storm marble deck showed up with an eased edge and not the bevel that matched the vanity counters.
  • I sent the marble back and haggled with the fabricator, while poor Leo had to repair the broken tile.

Not having the tub deck in place delayed the shower from being measured.

I had my fair share of wine the Friday night this happened!

I wasn’t upset about the issues, but the DELAY. After being out of your bathroom for a month, you get a little punchy when things go wrong.

Those poor marble installers heard my potty mouth. Oh well! Now it’s installed and gorgeous!

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New Deep Soaking Tub

Springing for a Shadow Storm marble tub deck was a splurge, but wow does it give that hotel feel I was craving!

The horizontal surfaces of the vanity and the tub are all the same giving it a unified look.


As I mentioned, I am a BIG bath taker and this area was really important to me! So was a deep tub, which when installed looks very elegant.

You may be wondering why I did a drop-in tub?

After a long flight to China this past fall and needing a bath to sooth my aching muscles, I realized a free-standing tub is not for me!

The hotel had the most luxurious bathroom, with a free-standing tub IN the shower. Pretty cool right? 

The Two Reasons I didn’t Choose a free-standing tub

  1. You can’t sit on the edge to get in or out of the tub. As I age, this is a concern.
  2. There isn’t a flat surface to hold anything! Soap, razor, candle. In the hotel for a table, I flipped over a trash can and put a wash cloth on it.

Plus, I like to prop up my iPad on the deck and up against the shower glass to watch shows.

A free-standing tub would have taken away what was important to me and just didn’t feel as cozy and warm.

Paint Color is Perfect!

Yes, I am SO happy with the paint color! As a reminder, I chose Benjamin Moore’s Wales Gray and cut the value by 50% to make it lighter. 

You will see in the reveal that I painted on the vanity mirror wall Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White to match the cabinets and it looks really beautiful.

I decided I didn’t want to look into a blue wall, which sometimes isn’t very flattering where white is.


Then, I decided to paint the ceiling Wales Gray to highlight the deep crown moulding. 


Loving the new chandelier too! I wish I could have gone larger, but it would have been too overwhelming in the space. 

The cabinets I ended up painting myself and there is a full tutorial on how to paint cabinets from this project.


Decorator’s White was the perfect choice because it had a bit of gray and isn’t too harsh of a white for the cabinets. 


Here they are in full sun! Perfect with the polished nickel hardware.

Picture Frame Moulding

Have you ever had to map out picture frame moulding?

Boy was I happy to have the help of my designer friend Lisa McCoy from A House by the Lake Interiors, to help me with this project!

Neither one of us had graph paper, but with her eye and expertise mapped out the perfect plan for the tub walls.


We started with the artwork I had planned for the main wall, which helped tremendously with determining the sizes.

To guide the installer (who spoke Spanish), we laid out the trim plan with painter’s tape.

He did a FANTASTIC job with the moulding and it came out perfect to plan. 


The trim was eventually painted the same color as the walls and here is a little sneak peek of the floral arrangement for the photo shoot. 

bathroom remodel with shadow storm marble benajmin moore wales gray

Doesn’t it make a huge difference to have trim on the wall?

Pink Pop of Color

After seeing the walls and cabinets painted, I realized I had a problem. Everything was too blue, gray and white. I needed another color.

I found these beautiful pink towels from Pottery Barn.

Then saw these perfect watercolor floral drapes that will tie the entire room together.

Plus a lovely abstract that is going to complement a piece my mom painted for me!

She is taking oil painting classes and is naturally gifted, so I can’t wait to share her pink hydrangea study with you next week.

As I stand in the shower this is what I see and it will put a smile on my face.

Next Week is REVEAL Week!

This time I decided to hire my friend and professional photographer Tiffany Ringwald, to shoot the master bathroom.


My skills and equipment wasn’t going to do it justice. This is how she showed up at my home…


Yeah, my little point and shoot wasn’t going to cut it! The initial pictures are so incredible…money well spent my friend!

To keep you entertained in between, please  visit all of the other featured and guest designer’s progress during their own One Room Challenge craziness! 

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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