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Blue and White a Hot Home Decor Trend This Summer

It’s no secret that I love blue and white using it in several areas around my home. This traditional color scheme is hot this summer! 

Ah, blue and white never goes out of style in home decor. However, this summer its a hot color combination gracing the pages of websites, magazines and catalogs.

Retailers and home decor manufacturers have incorporated navy blue into their summer lines accented by clean white backgrounds. It’s hard to miss this hot summer trend. 

To help you incorporate the hottest shades of blue into your home, I’m sharing my favorite affordable and fun finds in paint and home decor.

Blue is a Hot 2019 Home Decor Color Trend

If you haven’t read my article on the 2019 Paint Color Trends, then please do! You’ll see that the major paint manufacturers are featuring a navy paint in the mix!

Here area  few of my favorite navy blue paints and some of the trend options:

Sherwin Williams Charcoal Blue
Sherwin Williams: Charcoal Blue
Behr Dark Navy
Behr: Dark Navy
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
Benjamin Moore: Hale Navy
Valspar: Indigo Streamer
Valspar: Indigo Streamer

Always an online shopper, I noticed that navy is even creeping into cookware looking fresh and new.

navy staub fish cast iron pot

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This navy blue cookware at Williams Sonoma is a great way to add a pop of navy in an all white kitchen. 

Then surprisingly I saw navy being used in modern design navy blue bookcases and media consoles at West Elm!


The blue media console looks sharp with the gold accents.  

Even Target is calling out this home decor trend as “Into the Blue” with lots of fun finds.


Fun Blue Finds at Target

From paint, to cookware, and media consoles navy blue is officially making a name for itself this season!

Blue and White Decor Throughout My Home

The blue and white theme all started when I made over my office in late 2017.

The update felt so fresh and clean plus it has become my space for creativity and design.

By using white as a backdrop, I used pops of different shades of blue to make the small space take on a life of its own!


When you see it from a distance you realize that it’s just a little alcove at the top of my stairs.

That little L-shaped office sure does have a lot of personality with a blue and white color scheme. 

Shop the Office

Next, I decided it made all the sense in the world to create a very coastal blue and white front porch. 

This past summer the porch got a major overhaul from its original pink, green and black decor.

Using classic blue and white stripes to bring on the blue and white theme, it looks comfortable yet sophisticated too.


Mick and I love our time on the porch and I can’t wait to start using it again this summer! 

Not a lot of changes will be need out here just a lot of clean up after winter.

Shop the Porch

Now that I’ve transition this front porch space and after sitting out there all summer feeling VERY relaxed, it was time for this blue and white color scheme to infect another room.

Just this April, I decided to move away from the sand and gray color combination on my back porch and bring in another blue and white room to my home.

This one I took a more bold approach and used more of a navy blue creating contrast on a mainly neutral backdrop.



With just a few simple changes to the pillows, decorative accessories, and artwork the color palette completely changed.

Following the update, this room is SO much more inviting now that it has moved from gray to blue in dominance.

As soon as the weather warmed, I starting sitting out here for a glass of wine or to watch TV in the evening.

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My Favorite Blue Decor for Your Home

Here is a collection of all of my favorite finds in fabulous deep blue and navy blue.

Each piece can be found in the rooms I’ve featured, if you want to see how they look in real life!

Thinking about making over a room to incorporate a blue and white theme?

Here is your starting point and happy shopping!

Nothing says summer is here more to me than blue and white 🙂

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Until next time…

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