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How-To Decorate in a Coastal Cottage Style

Wondering how to bring a coastal living feel to your home? Coastal Cottage design is a great option to feel like your home is at the beach!

Coastal Cottage design has always been a favorite style of mine and is a primary design theme for 2019. In truth, all versions of coastal design never go out of style because the colors and elements of home decor are so easy to live with long term.

To inspire you,  I’m sharing 3 room boards designed in a Coastal Cottage style. You will see exactly what decor elements you need to create a home that feels like you live at the beach!

Defining Coastal Cottage

There are so many different versions of coastal design that you can use to decorate a room or your home. Here are just a few and if you click on the linked items in the list you can read a couple of posts I’ve written on the subject:

The way I define the coastal cottage look is using a mix of coastal elements paired with flea market finds. Coastal Cottage design is an eclectic mix of old and new, which makes it one of the easier styles to incorporate into your home!

Coastal Cottage Elements

  1. Shades of blue mixed with white
  2. Woven textures
  3. Driftwood and natural wood finishes
  4. Striped fabrics
  5. Coastal accessories
  6. Polished nickel
  7. Painted or white washed wood

Combining these simple elements make you feel like your home is on the beach. The best part of Coastal Cottage design? It’s cozy and inviting! People feel comfortable in this type of room or home.


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The colors are from the beach in shades of blue from the sea and sky mixing sunset hues with sandy beaches.

How can that not feel soothing after a long day of work? It’s why I’ve incorporated these colors into my own home.

Inspiration Boards in Coastal Cottage

Pulling together products to design a space is one of my FAVORITE things to do. I love decorating in my mind and not spending a penny (actual this time I did)!

It’s fun sharing what I’ve found with you, in fully styled rooms. I have to say these mood boards are some of my favorites to date! 

If you are struggling with decorating and haven’t created a mood board before, read this post where I explain the process. 

Classic Navy and White


To start, a classic combination of navy, white and polished nickel. Then mixed in are cottage elements like a french chair and painted classic coffee table.

Driftwood finishes, natural woven textures, striped textiles, nautical accessories, and marble complete the look.

I have to admit I’ve ordered that striped pillow and am thinking about the artwork for an upcoming makeover in my home.

Driftwood and Pale Blue


This room has such a soft beach house feel! The driftwood hues, woven basket, and galvanized metals bring in a cozy weather worn beachy feel. 

Cottage comes into play with the cozy faded blue slipper chair mixed with the hydrangeas for a softer look. 

I could stare at the rolling waves in the artwork all day and a similar basket may be on the way to my home!

Last, but not least is another version of coastal that feels very feminine.

Woven Textures and Bleached Out Blues


Starting with a sisal or natural woven rug in a room provides a perfect neutral base to start a coastal room.

It is so easy to decorate and re-decorate around neutral rugs. This painted coffee table in the perfect shade of country blue and sets the tone for a cottage feel. 

A rounded striped chair in a neutral fabric, beautiful pillow fabric, the artwork, and accessories soften the hard angles of the coffee table.

See those blue ceramic planters? I’ve added an orchid to the smaller one and it looks amazing! Great price for two and the 2nd one is large and perfect for fresh flowers or ivy.

Cottage Coastal Inspiration

My hope is you have discovered a new design style or now have a simple strategy to makeover or add to a room in your home. The majority of products I’ve selected are really affordable, with a few splurges too. A girl’s gotta have goals!

As I type this post during winter, I hear the beach calling and am bringing in summer any way I can! Let me know in the comments YOUR favorite room – I’d love to hear from you.

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Until next time…

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