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Under $25 Gift Guide : 24 Last Minute Ideas

With 2 day delivery, Amazon makes last minute Christmas shopping a breeze! Here’s my Amazon Holiday Gift Guide with everything $25 or less.

Do you have a limited gift budget to shop for friends, family, and people who help you out in life?

Or maybe you’re heading to a holiday party and are on a $25 or under budget?

Here’s a major gift guide for the adults in your life and all of it is under $25. 

With Amazon’s Prime 2 day or less delivery, you still have lots of time to get all of your Christmas shopping done!

Post contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links throughout {full disclosure here} 

Amazon Under $25 Gift Guide for Men

Just so you know it’s easier to classify gifts by gender, but this doesn’t mean you can’t buy these same items for the women in your life!

It’s really all about what interests a person and not gender.

I’d like a few of these items for myself…just so you know 😉

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Amazon Under $25 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

We are going to group these gifts into basic interests.

Men seem to be hard to shop for, so I’ll try to get your creative mind thinking about different types of likes or hobbies. 

Car Lovers: Under $25 Gifts

Why not give the gift of organization! Tired of things rolling around in the back of your truck or SUV?

Or maybe your man lives out of his trunk or just likes to have things neat and tidy.

Try this great divided storage option .

$23.97 Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer 

It is collapsible, has lift handles, and a pocket!

Plus can be secured or tether so it doesn’t slide around.

I’d love one of these for my SUV, if anyone is wondering LOL.

$9.50 Instant Read Digital Tire Gauge With Lighted Nozzle


During the colder months tires become deflated fast!

Now you can always be sure about the correct tire pressure with this handy tool.

It has a digital read out to make it easier on the eyes and also a light for using in the evening.

Never over or under fill your tires again (or trust those weird things on the air hose at the gas station!).

$19.97 Spill-Proof Car Trash Can

This is a nice idea for anyone who wants to keep their car clean or should!

My son is a good candidate for this handy trash can that can be attached to a head rest, door panel, glove box or console.

It easily attaches with a buckle and can be removed to empty, with a washable liner. 

Plus it has a spill proof liner, so even a cup with some liquid and be safely tossed in this trash can. 

Don’t want to use it for a trash can? It doubles as extra storage with pockets.

$20.99 KeySmart – Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer (up to 14 Keys)

This handy little holder stores up to 14 keys!

Each key attaches individual and then flips in for very compact storage.

This is a great key chain idea for use with a key FOB to keep keys neat and organized.

Tech Lovers: Under $25 Gifts

If my son read my blog he’d probably want one of these! Do you have a “gamer” in your home?

$22.99 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone Tablet, Smart TV

Think of your teenagers on LONG car rides this holiday. Or maybe even on flights or stuck in airports.

This little gadget could come in handy quickly to entertain the person who enjoys video games and can’t travel with their game system.

It connects to most types of phones via bluetooth and has all of the controls your gamer needs to wine.

$24.99 Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa


Think of how happy your dad will be, when from his cozy arm chair he can say “Alexa” turn off the light!

This is one of those technologies that is smart and once you have one you’ll probably want more.

Easily program items to turn on or off at certain times via the Alexa app. 

Super easy to set up and use immediately.

$23.99 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Knit Hat with Stereo Speakers & Microphone

Say what? There is a knit hat that will not only keep you warm, but play your favorite radio station, podcast or playlist?

Great for the outdoor adventurer, athlete or person who works outside with a rechargeable battery and 4 hours of continuous playtime.

Um, you can talk to people via your phone while wearing this hat – it has a microphone too!

Connects easily to a wide variety of bluetooth devices. 

Traveler or Tailgater: Under $25 Gifts

This is on my mind because my son plays college football and I’ve seen a few cool tailgate ideas!

$19.99 12oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle Insulator

Need to keep your beer cold and want to be discrete when drinking one?

This insulated bottle holder is perfect!

For the guy who likes premium and craft beers, never be caught without an opener. There is a bottle opener that stores in the bottom.

Plus it comes with it’s own neoprene carrying case, so it’s a great option for camping, the beach, or backyard BBQ.

$19.99 Dopp Kit PU Leather with Travel Bottles

A well kept man needs to be able to travel with all of his face and hair products!

TSA and the 3oz or less rule has made traveling with essentials a little tougher these days.

Your man can pack this once with all of his essentials in the provided containers and be ready to travel at a moments notice.

Weekend in Paris? Why not!

$24.98 Wine or Liquor Bottle Carrier – Insulated & Padded 

Need to bring wine to a party or when you travel? Or what about a BYOB restaurant?

Here is a stylish carrier that not only holds 4 wine sized bottles, but also 15 cans so it is really versatile.

Many people love to bring flavored whiskeys to share at tailgate or when camping. Here is the perfect carrier that slings right over your shoulder.

Have you ever tried peanut butter or salted caramel whiskey? Great on a cold day 🙂

$14.39 NFL Coleman Insulated Cooler and Lunch Box Bag

Have a guy who takes his lunch to work and is also a big football fan?

Why not buy him a cooler/lunch box emblazoned in his favorite team.

It claims 24-HR cold technology in up to 90 degrees! It can hold up to 9 cans of beer or soda.

Plus there is a front pocket to hold utensils and mesh pocket on the inside of the lid for a re-useable ice pack.

$19.84 Men’s Leather Moccasin Slipper

Maybe none of these gifts fit the men in your life. 

Why not a comfy slipper instead? Everyone needs slippers and these come in 4 colors!

These are such an affordable option in suede leather, with a cozy faux fur lining.

They even have a rubber sole for trips to the mailbox in the morning or to walk the dog. 

Amazon Under $25 Gift Guide for Women

Ok, on to the women in our lives and especially those that are hard to shop for!

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Amazon Under $25 Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Think about your hair stylist, workout buddy, co-worker, friends and family. So many people and so little time.

I’m not going to group these like I did for the men, so you can just scroll to what you like.

Men are typically a little harder to buy for, so I wanted to give a little more guidance 🙂

$18.90 Pebbled Faux Leather Tote 

What a great price for a great looking tote that includes a wristlet / glasses case!

This is a nice idea for anyone in your life, since we all have SO many things to carry.

I use different styled totes for different events…you can never have too many!

It comes in 12 colors, so you can find one that fits any style or personality.

$17.99 Purse Organizer Insert Handbag and Tote Shaper

Do you know someone that can never find things in their large purse or tote?

You will save the day with this amazing compartmentalized organizer!

I personally have one for my oversized travel tote and can I tell you it’s one of my FAVORITE ALL TIME purchases!

It’s nice to have everything organized so you can see it and fortunately/unfortunately you can store more things with this insert.

It comes in multiple sizes to fit any open purse or bag.

$12.99 Wine Preserver Wine Stopper

For the wine lover in your home, but especially single people!

Now you can open that great bottle of wine and only have a glass or two, while keeping the rest of the wine fresh for up to 10 days.

It also creates a leak-proof seal to lay taller bottle down and has date dial. Just pump out the air to seal.

The 2-pack is only $22.99, if you are feeling generous.

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Pom Pom

Just like for the guys, here is a more feminine version of the bluetooth speaker beanie.

Say what? There is a knit hat that will not only keep you warm, but play your favorite radio station, podcast or playlist?

Wear while out and about, on long walks with the dog, or while exercising. It has a rechargeable battery and 6 hours of continuous playtime.

Don’t feel like listening, you can talk to people via your phone while wearing this hat – it has a microphone too!

Connects easily to a wide variety of bluetooth devices. 

$16.97 4 Piece Soy Travel Candle Gift Set

Don’t know someone very well, but want to give them a gift?

Or maybe you need multiple gifts that are of similar value for employees or co-workers.

Candles are a great option. This is a pretty gift set that looks like you spent way more than you did!

Plus you can purchase one set and gift the 4 pretty jars on their own or as a stocking stuffer.

There are 3 different gift sets to choose from in a variety of colors and scents – what a bargain.

$21.99 Mrs. Clause Apron

I bet you know someone who would LOVE this apron!

So much cooking happens over the Christmas holiday, so why not look festive during your time in the kitchen.

Or maybe you like it so much you want to give it to yourself from “the dog” or the kids.

Yes, there usually is one present under the tree from my sweet dog Mick…this may be it!

$14.90 Mon Cherry Measuring Spoons and Egg Separator

In need of a fun stocking stuffer or unique hostess gift? Look at this cute measuring spoon set!

It would make a nice present topper too for the cook in your life.

Not only is it a set of measuring spoons.

The leaf doubles as an egg separator.

$22.98 Cold Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is hotter than ever to help a person’s mood and overall health.

Want to bring a little calm to a mom boss? Here’s your answer.

This is beautiful diffuser for the home that uses a cool mist to disperse essential oils into the air.

With 7 light color options, it will fit any decor and can be placed on a timer. 

Pair with a set of essential oils for the perfect gift. 

$22.78 Cosmetic Pouch Toiletry Travel Organizer

A Louis Vuitton look alike  set at a very nice price for the discerning woman.

This is a great set of pouches for a gym bag, suitcase, and purse to carry toiletries or makeup.

Beautiful organization set that and can be easily wiped clean.

$19.99 Insulated Double Casserole Travel Bag

Do you have a friend who always wants to bring a dish to share?

This is a great option to port hot and cold dishes to those group get togethers.

No more worries of spilling or a dish getting cold! 

It can be collapsed with the zipper for one dish or expanded for two.

$24.99 Stainless Steel with Ceramic Inner Insulated Mug

Love an insulated mug, but not the taste stainless steel can leave?

Here is a pretty option that includes an inner ceramic coating to preserve taste and a lid for easy sipping.

Great for home or office to keep soups, teas, and coffee warm.

$19.99 Memory Foam Knit House Slippers 

Maybe none of these gifts fit the women in your life. 

Why not a comfy slipper instead? Everyone needs slippers and these come in 4 colors!

They are knit and have a cozy fur lining to keep those toes toasty and feet soft.

Amazon Under $25 Gift Guide : 24 Last Minute Ideas

Phew! That’s it and I hope I’ve helped inspire some affordable gift ideas.

Can you believe some of the prices? I’ll help you look like you spent a lot, but didn’t.

This definitely was helpful for me to get going on that Christmas shopping list!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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