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Mother’s Day at Home Made Easy!

Looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home? Here are 5 easy ideas she will love!

Mother’s Day celebrations will be a little different this year for sure…pandemic, stay at home orders, and all.

So let’s come up with some creative ideas to make Mother’s Day special at home.

Thank goodness for online shopping and that grocery stores are open!

Celebrating Mom at Home

Normal Mother’s Day brunch out at a restaurant or a spa day for mom are not options this year.

Why not create these same environments at home?

Think about what the kids can do to help and if you are a mom pass this onto your husband and guide him in the right direction 😉

Here are some quick and easy ways to celebrate Mother’s Day using what resources we have: shopping online and the grocery store.

  1. Homemade brunch or dinner delivered on a new serving piece.
  2. Takeout from her favorite restaurant set on a beautiful table. 
  3. Spa day at home, so she can “get away” for a few hours. 
  4. Cut flowers and stems from the yard or neighborhood presented in a pretty new vase.
  5. Complete a home project she’s been requesting. 

Here is my beautiful mom…

Mom and Me in Napa Valley+Porch Daydreamer

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Mother’s Day Meals at Home

Some favorite brunch foods can be made right at home and ingredients found in the grocery store.

Think about what the kids can help with like stirring batter and dumping ingredients. 

This year is not the time to make Eggs Benedict at home 🙂

Or if dinner is more appropriate try an easy one pot recipe or meal delivery for something special.

Combine a gift and a meal: 

  1. Fill a pretty cake stand with freshly baked muffins. My favorite Blueberry Muffin Kit.
  2. Homemade pancakes on a pretty serving platter.
  3. Gift of a waffle maker and hot fresh Belgian Waffles.
  4. Make a homemade meal in a beautiful new Dutch Oven
  5. Order from a meal delivery service – my favorite Sun Basket
  6. Get take out from her favorite local restaurant. 

Since you are at home, it is all about presentation this Mother’s Day.


Set the table with placemats, pretty plates and glasses.

Light candles and serve a takeout meal on real dishes, with her favorite cocktail or beverage. 

Shop Mother’s Day Meal Gifts

Mother's Day Recipes

The kids can help to set the table and the mood plus do the dishes!

My son doing dishes at 5 years old

Create a Spa Day at Home for Mom

Every woman I know is itching for some pampering these days, so create an at home spa for mom.

If you have a bathtub, draw her a bath and light some candles with some spa music.

Anything that is soothing to her will be appreciated!

At home spa ideas:

  1. Sheet face mask to hydrate and soothe
  2. Aromatherapy bath with bath “bombs” and candles
  3. Beauty box with fun new finds
  4. New robe and perfume
  5. Spa socks and gloves for an at-home moisturizing treatment

The kids will have fun setting up the bathroom for mom and presenting the gifts.

Let her hide out for an hour or two to read a book with the mask, socks, and gloves or binge a new series.

Shop at Home Spa Gifts

When momma is happy everyone is happy, right?

Take the kids outside for some playtime, so she’s at home alone for the win 😉

Fresh Flowers for Mom

If you are on a budget and I realize SO many people are struggling right now, then this is a great option.

It’s thoughtful and can be personal.

Take the kids on a flower hunt for mom and pull together a beautiful arrangement.


You can easily find inexpensive vases and can even fill small vases with single stems to decorate the table.

There are a ton of options and if you live in a city environment, I’m a big fan of grocery store flowers as an option. 

You can read here about How-to Make Grocery Store Flowers Last Weeks

Flowers can be added to anyone of these ideas for a special touch!

It is the thought that counts on this one and a homemade card with flowers to me is the perfect gift.

Shop for Vases for Mom

Add a framed picture and call it done.

Home Projects to Help Mom

A couple of recent kitchen projects I’ve completed may be helpful in your home.

Now that we are all home and cooking in the kitchen more than ever you may be realizing that some changes are needed.

Here are a few projects that may be good as a gift for Mother’s Day:

  1. Organize Cabinets with Pull-Out Drawers
  2. Add Soft Close to Any Cabinet
  3. The Right Length Cabinet Pulls for Doors and Drawers
  4. How-to Hang Artwork Evenly in a Row


Think of what may make life easier for mom and the family.

Acts of service is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Hopefully, I’ve inspired some ideas for you to use this year or pass along to someone who will make the day special for you.

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. Tracey, thanks for these wonderful ideas and suggestions for Mother’s Day! I have pinned several of the recipes! Your blog is so inspirational and I always look forward to what you have to share. You and your mom are two very beautiful ladies! May you both have an amazing Mother’s Day! Blessings!

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