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Obsessed with Glass Pumpkins? Find Them Here!

Glass Pumpkins have appeared on the decorating scene in a big way this fall. Here is where to buy them in every color to match your home’s decor!

If you read my fall home tour, you KNOW I found a new love in glass pumpkins this year! Knowing that each glass pumpkin was hand crafted and has its own personality is such a fun concept.

Maybe you are now hooked on finding these beauties? To make it easy for you, here is a glass pumpkin buying guide in every color range to match your own home’s decor or fall color theme! 

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How-to Use Glass Pumpkins in Fall Decor

Adding one or many glass pumpkins into your home decor is really easy! I joked on my Instagram feed after adding one pumpkin in my cabinet that I had decorated for fall. Guess what? Many people said yep, you’ve got it! 

That one gold colored glass pumpkin found at Home Goods started my obsession! Next, I found a pretty pink mercury glass pumpkin for my bedroom and the rest was a glass pumpkin avalanche! 

To get you thinking about all of the ways you can use glass pumpkins in your fall decor, here are some of the ways I’ve incorporated them into my rooms:

glass pumpkin patch on coffee table

For a fun twist add eucalyptus leaves in between each pumpkin or gourd to make a pumpkin patch. Think about adding a pumpkin patch to your kitchen island or a coffee table.

Not ready for a pumpkin patch? Just use the rule of uneven numbers and group one glass pumpkin with two other things!

Next year, I’ll likely add them to my console table in the foyer!

Close up of glass pumpkins on island

As another idea, simply place a couple of glass pumpkins together on a sofa table with a vase and some fall stems.  This is a quick and easy way to add a touch of fall to your home’s everyday decor. 

cozy fall sitting area will slipper chairs and a mirrored console

Want to take your fall decor into your bedroom? Trust me when I tell you, it’s fun to wake up to a beautiful glass pumpkin on your bedside table!

This pink mercury glass pumpkin makes me smile every time I look at it!

Pink mercury glass pumpkin on night stand

Are you convinced glass pumpkins are for you? Let’s go shopping!

Glass Pumpkin Buying Guide

Knowing we all have different colors in our homes I searched to find a wide variety of options. This pumpkin assortment offers an endless set of inspiration, at an affordable price!

Just click on the pretty pumpkins to go shopping 🙂 All glass pumpkins at Pier 1 are on sale! It’s a great time to buy 🙂

Gold and Silver Pumpkins

The classics of silver and gold can fit into any home. Plus they add a little glamour to your fall decor. I just love the gold pumpkin in my family room cabinet!

It looks like it has always been there and blends right into the rest of the room.


Clear and White Pumpkins

As you can see this is primarily the color theme I went with because so much of my home is in creams and blues. What is nice about starting with this color grouping, is you can add colored velvet or fabric pumpkins in between.
Hmmm, that’s a good idea for me for next year!

Pink and Red Pumpkins

Love the romantic look of blush pink or rosy red? I just happened to buy a couple of pretty pink glass pumpkins for a baby shower I was hosting this fall. 
The “It’s a Girl Banner” was an affordable easy touch on the mantel. Who says you must have a baby shower to put pumpkins on your mantel?
Pink Glass Pumpkins for Baby Shower

Blue and Green Pumpkins

Do you like the cooler colors of the sea and sky? Blue is always a calming and easy color to work into your home’s decor. Obviously I’m a “blue person” ya know!

Orange and Amber Pumpkins

Not to forget the classic fall colors of orange and amber, I’ve found some beauties! This color range brings warmth and coziness to any home.

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Gorgeous Glass Pumpkin Guide in Every Color

Fall Decor at It’s Finest

Glass pumpkins are a fun and unique way to add fall decor into your home. They can be put out in September and left out until Thanksgiving. I’ve felt good about spending my hard-earned money on these one of a kind gems!

If you are looking for more fall decor inspiration, here are all of my posts to help guide you:

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Until next time…

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