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New Fall Decor in Earthy Neutrals!

Want to take a more subtle approach in your fall decorating? Try fall decor in earthy neutrals to warm up your home this season!

Yes, I understand not everyone is a fan of traditional fall decor in orange, red, and black.

Why not try fall decor in earthy neutrals instead? The key word here is neutral!

I’m a big fan of earthy neutral fall colors for your home decor because you can decorate once and it will last from September to November.

That’s a 3 months for your effort and investment!

Let’s walk through what I mean by earthy neutral colors and then I’ll share some fall decor options for your home!

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Earthy Neutral Colors

If you are new to this blog, you may not know that I am a paint and paint color expert!

Color drives my decisions when it comes to home decor.

Creating a color palette is at the core of my room makeovers.


Not only do I start with color for a room makeover, but it’s also central to my seasonal / fall decorating as well!

Want to see what got me inspired to decorate in earthy neutrals this fall?

Some simple cozy throws in beautiful colors for fall!

Yes, inspiration for color palettes can come from just about anything: rugs, pillows, ceramics, and art are some of my favorites.

When shopping for neutral fall decor, here is a list of what beautiful hues to look for…

Earthy Neutral Colors for Fall:

  • Sage green
  • Brick red
  • Denim blue
  • Charcoal gray
  • Tobacco brown

This in an easy to use and live with group of colors that anyone can incorporate into their home to add a spice of fall color.


Here’s a fall table setting I created using a similar base of colors, to show you how they all work seamlessly together!

This is a more traditional view and if your tastes run more modern, these colors work just as well!

See how these earthy colors blend to create warmth and simple elegance?

Now let’s look at the colors in new fall decor for your home!

Fall Inspired Earthy Neutral Home Decor

It’s so much fun to go shopping for you! Plus I get LOTS of ideas for decorating my own home.

September 1st I’ll begin transitioning to fall decor and can’t wait to incorporate some of these items!

Here are some simple ways to add earthy neutral colors around your home.

Easy Fall Decor Ideas

  1. Faux grasses and stems
  2. Pillows and poofs
  3. Throws
  4. Wreaths
  5. Vases and planters
  6. Napkins and plates
  7. Fabric and wooden pumpkins
  8. Stoneware bowls or lamps

You just may have some items in any one of these colors tucked away that you can bring out from storage.

Or you my want to purchase a few new things to transition your home decor for fall!

Knit Throws | Mixed Glass Vases | Vintage Rug Pillow | Textured Pillow | Deep Blue Vase | Fall Stems | Leaf Platter | Plaid Napkins | Knit Pumpkins | Wood Pumpkin | Knit Poof | Stoneware Lamp | Fall Wreath | Suede Pillows

Different types of fabric also help to bring in that cozy fall feeling.

Look for earthy neutrals in these types of textiles:

  • Suede
  • Chunky knits
  • Nubby weaves
  • Plaids
  • Vintage rug pillows

Shop Earthy Neutral Fall Decor

My hope is you found some inspiration from these great fall home decor finds.

If you need more ideas, I’ve got many posts on decorating for fall that you may enjoy:

Have fun shopping and decorating your home this season!

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