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2020 Daybed Trend: Perfect in Any Room

Need space for guests to sleep, but don’t have a ton of space? Daybeds are a great option to adding seating and sleeping space to any room!

Better Homes & Gardens is calling daybeds a hot new 2020 decor trend

Seriously though; when people ask me what furniture to put in a small room so it can double as a guest room, I always recommend a daybed.

Live in an apartment and don’t have a second room for guests? Why not use a daybed for your couch too?

Let’s explore this historical piece of furniture and find daybeds that are right for your space and right on trend for 202o.

The History of the Daybed

In doing a little research on this piece of furniture, it was really fun reading!

A daybed historically has had many names from a chaise lounge to a fainting couch.

Here is a fun depiction of the history of the daybed from the New York Times


Army commanders have used them in battle to sit and sleep, ladies used them to receive intimate guests in their boudoirs, and daybeds have been used as architectural details in living rooms for centuries.

They are a simple yet multi-use design they say sit, relax, read, contemplate or take a nap.


Daybeds with thicker cushions or even mattresses go further than that saying “sleep on me for the night”.

Such a versatile piece of furniture!

Daybeds can be used in just about any room:

  • Living rooms
  • Patios/porches/sunrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Closets/Bathrooms (the extra large variety of the wealthy)
  • College dorm room

What do I use my daybed for you ask?

When I sit and think about it, a lot!

  1. Putting on clothes and shoes
  2. Staging laundry
  3. Reading
  4. Napping
  5. Bed pillows overnight

To me, it’s been one of the best investments and a better use of space in the odd corner of my bedroom!


You can read about this in my 10 Year Before and After Home Tour with PAINT COLORS! and A Solution for That Odd Bedroom Corner

Each season or bedroom update I’ve tweaked the pillows and even the main artwork for an entirely new look.

daybed in with pale gray pillows

Then of course Mick LOVES to sit on the daybed as I putter about the bedroom making the bed or putting away laundry.

Here is a great picture of him in full spring sunshine!



It is fun how many looks I can create with this simple white daybed.

You may enjoy reading about a couple of makeovers in my bedroom: 3 Quick Spring Bedroom Updates or Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover REVEAL which is the the current look you see featured. 

Best investment ever! Unfortunately, this one is no longer available…

Shop the Look

Are you ready to look for a daybed to use in your home?

Think about transforming that one room in your home that you couldn’t figure out how to use it.

I’ll help you shop for a variety of looks that will fit any budget and style!

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

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daybed trend perfect in any room

Daybed Options for Your Home

Shopping for daybeds and chaise lounge chairs was a fun task for me.

Hopefully, I’ll share something that makes you thing “hmmm, that would work in my house.”

Most of them are very affordable, at $500 or less, but many require a twin mattress as well. 

Just hover over the picture to get the full retail, but many of them are on sale right now.

Please make sure to factor cushions and/or a mattress in your budget, if it isn’t included with the frame of the daybed. 

Did you have fun thinking about lounging on one of the many finds I shared? 

It just makes me relaxed thinking about my daybed 🙂

Want to know more of my favorite home decor finds? Check out: Amazon Home Decor Finds: 16 Favorites!

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Until next time…

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