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Blush Pink is a New Home Decor Neutral

Blush Pink is the New Neutral!

When Pantone® came out with Rose Quartz as one of the colors of the year, I was like really? Who is going to use pink in their home decor?

New names have come out for this shade of pink from Rose Quartz to Dusty Pink and even Millennial Pink. As home decor manufacture’s embraced this color the truth is, the pink from Pantone has been turned “dusty with gray” and I LOVE IT!

Pantone Rose Quartz and Serenity
The Re-Emergence of Pale Pink (Photo Credit Pantone)

After going to the High Point Spring Market 2016 and seeing blush pink in the more up and coming vignettes, it became like a worm in my brain.

Color Memory is My God Given Gift

God gave me this wonderful gift of color memory.  It’s an odd, but extremely useful gift.  I literally can remember the colors I see.  An example is that I see the Pantone color chip and then when I go to a store or see a high quality digital image, my brain knows they are the same color.

Any color I see sticks and I can remember it years later.  It freaks people out when I can pick out my bedroom color from a paint rack with 2500 color options.

How was I going to incorporate this beautiful blush pink into my home? That worm in my brain from seeing Pantone’s Rose Quartz wasn’t going anywhere.  Anytime I saw someone in a blush pink outfit I went crazy! Where did you find those pink jeans or pink top?

It turns out I really embraced those Pantone colors of 2016 both Rose Quartz and Serenity (baby blue) during my recent bedroom update.  Eventually I’ll write a post about the makeover, but the room is not done yet!

Bedroom Makeover in Progress Embracing Pantone’s Colors

Never did I think my master bedroom would be pink and blue, but I love how soft and serene my bedroom is. The walls have been this pale blue color since I moved in.  Adding blush pink was easy.

Want to know what paint color I used? It’s an all time favorite: Valspar Feeling Blue CI13 and is available at Lowe’s. 

A Serene Room

Ah serenity! Serenity colors are an actual trend! Sherwin Williams debuted their color palette for 2018. Of course there is a dusty rose / blush pink called Sashay Sand. In a new year the colors always shift slightly, the current blush pink is now leaning toward peach. It may be the 80’s influence. Wow, I thought that decade would never influence trends!

Blush Pink is NOT Going Anywhere

Since blush pink has become such a hot color and is NOT going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m here to help you embrace this color! I’ve collected some of my favorite items in this fabulous shade.  Start with wine glasses maybe? Cheers!

Blush Pink Accessories for the Home + Blush Pink Home Decor
Blush Pink Home Decor

Throw Pillow | Crystal Box | Appetizer Plate | Bud Vase | Wine Glasses | Table Lamp | Throw | Candles Accent Chair | Bedding | Napkins | Sofa | Wine Stopper

What do you think of blush pink? I think pink can be polarizing, but to me there is something about the muted dusty grayed version of pink that can act as a great neutral in your home.

Happy blush pink hunting! Visit my Pinterest Board dedicated to Blush Pink for more inspiration.

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