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Amazon Home Decor Finds: 16 Favorites!

Sharing my favorite Amazon Home Decor finds, along with 5 of my blogger buddies!

Seriously, I am almost ashamed of all of the Amazon boxes I open each week and how little I go to a brick and mortar store.

It’s ridiculously easy to buy everything you need on Amazon during a meeting, before bed, while your kids are napping, and during your morning coffee and it all arrives in 24 to 48 hours.

We’ve all gotten a little spoiled haven’t we? Luckily, Amazon has a TON of home decor options and I’m excited to share mine and my friend’s favorite finds this month.

Amazon Home Decor Favorite Finds

Amazon is actually a great search engine and research site to find new or existing products.

Whatever you want to buy a great start is to search for it in Amazon to see all of the buying options available.

Most major home decor brands have now opened up their own brand shops, so finding great home decor is easier than ever. 

My Go To Home Decor Brands on Amazon

Much of what I am sharing are from brands I regularly search first on Amazon.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Safavieh
  2. Amazon Basics
  3. Amerock Cabinet Hardware
  4. Stone & Beam


They have amazing prices on both rugs and lamps. I’m so impressed with their depth of on trend designs and color options.

Lamps I recently ordered came with LED light bulbs, the harp, finial, and shade which was impressive for the cost.

Here are some favorite finds…


Amazon Basics

That’s right! I’ve never been disappointed with any of my purchases under the Amazon brand.

Now granted it’s all been in the search for true basics that fit my budget.

At first I found dorm room items and then expanded into items for the house. 



Fun fact: I’ve written an entire post all about choosing the right length pull for your drawers and cabinets

My favorite brand (because I used to work there) is Amerock. 

If you are looking for high quality, great looking, and affordable cabinet hardware this is your brand!

Some of the best sellers:


Stone & Beam

This is a newer brand and they definitely have lots of stylish items at affordable prices.

If you are looking for furniture and higher ticket items, there is even an option to pay them off in 5 payments interest free!

There are so many cute options and they offer a wide variety of styles including the vintage look I recently wrote about featuring rugs and pillows


Amazon Home Decor from My House

No shame in my game! I have lots of items from Amazon in my home.

In general, some of my favorite finds from around my home were found online. 

Plus there is a new organizational product that has my name all over it!

If you love something in one of my pictures not listed, I’ve linked each room project for your convenience. 

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So let’s get started with the items I love!

Trays, Hardware, and Bathroom Accessories

You can NEVER have too many trays. They are great for organizing and for creating a focal point on a table or counter.

Two of my favorites are the round polished nickel vanity tray from my recent bathroom remodel and also a big round tray I added during my back porch refresh


Photo: Tiffany Ringwald

Make sure to measure your space and note the size the of tray before you buy, to make sure it fits.

I had a hard time finding a small tray with only a 10″ diameter to fit the counter in my bathroom, so this is a great option in a smaller space. 

Also in my bathroom I found beautiful cabinet hardware on Amazon too: Glacio Pull and Oberon Knob both in polished nickel. 

The other great find was a basic white tissue holder that blends perfectly with marble counter. 

A nice trade up from a basic box right? I also wanted pretty bottles in my shower.

Unfortunately, the ones pictured in my shower are no longer available so I’ve linked another clear acrylic pump bottle.

It’s a much cleaner look to fill bottles for your shower for a more unified look, along with a matching soap dish. 

Photo: Tiffany Ringwald

Coffee Table Books and Kitchen Accessories

You can NEVER have too many coffee table books!

Stack them anywhere for instant color and character plus they are great for inspiration, when the need strikes.

I just stacked a few in my kitchen and love the look: Atmosphere, Sophisticated Simplicity, and Simply Serene


The pendants above my island are from Amazon too!

Go big or go home with pendants I say and if you are concerned about how to measure for kitchen island lights read this: Demystifying Kitchen Island Pendant Light Size and Height

These pendants have been such a nice complement to all of the changes I’ve made to the kitchen, including quartz counters. 

Cherish Pendants are the perfect blend of traditional and transitional.

One of my friends just used one over a round kitchen table and it looks amazing!

Then that leaves me with one of my FAVORITE items I use all day…everyday.

An automatic foam soap dispenser 🙂 I was getting grossed out thinking how dirty the pump was getting on my traditional dispenser.

This one is rechargeable and there are a lot of soap fragrances to choose from too.

I just feel better when my hands are dirty with chicken juice that I can wave my hand under the spout and get some soap 🙂

Bedding, Table Lamps and Closet Org

Seriously, the BEST deals can be found on bedding and lamps when shopping on Amazon.

I’m still blown away by the quality for the price of the lamps I recently added during my master bedroom makeover. 

It was really hard to find bedding that fit my extra-deep mattress, so I wrote a whole post on where to buy pieces that fit. 

The white bedspread I landed on is light weight, washable and I can tuck it in for a neater look. 


Then I found the most beautiful lamps that remind me of pearls.

They are covered in smooth capiz shells, so they go with everything!

At only $100 for two, they are a steal.


That brings me to my closet, which is just off of the master bedroom.

It has a great closet system and is organized, but I can always do better. 

Actually, I have two small walk in closets and one is primarily for shoes (yes, I am lucky!).

But, I’ve been getting annoyed lately having to pull the boxes off the shelves and have been eyeing a drop front shoe organizer instead.amazon-home-decor-Organize-Womens-Closet

I don’t need it, but WANT it…so we will see if I’ll plunk down the money.

By the way, my closet system that is SO easy to install can be found on Amazon too!

What I like is you just flip down the clear front and pull out the shoes versus having to open a box.

It seems like it would be much easier to see the shoes too. 

BUT it’s very expensive compared to just the regular clear boxes.

So if you are inspired to organize your shoes too, here is a MUCH cheaper option that is a 20 pack of clear shoe boxes.

Hopefully, you found some new ideas of home decor items that can be purchased on Amazon.

Now it is time to visit my friends and their posts and I will be featuring them throughout the week on my Instagram stories.

Each link will take you to their website for more Amazon shopping goodies!

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  1. Hi Tracy!

    Great post! I started ordering regularly from Amazon about 2 years ago. Most times, their prices can’t be beat! I was looking for a new drum chandelier for over my kitchen table before the holidays. I started out looking on Wayfair and found a light that was exactly what I wanted but it was about $500! I was not about to pay that much for a light! They did not list who made the light so I did a reverse image search. Once I figured who manufactured the light, I was able to search for this specific light. First, it came up on HD’s website for only $225 but it wasn’t in stock so I went to the next listing, which just happened to be Amazon. The final price? $120!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it and I immediately ordered the light. (Just happens the light was actually at end of life so I got lucky because it was on clearance). However, since then, I always search Amazon for the product or do a reverse image search. I am now in the process of remodeling my master bathroom and Amazon has not let me down. The shower door I was looking at started out at $529 on one website and I found the same exact door on Amazon for $389 with free shipping. I guess this makes up for going way over budget for mostly everything else! 😉

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