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2019 Top 10 Porch Daydreamer Blog Posts

Want to know my most visited blog posts of 2019 based on Google analytics? Here’s what everyone visits the most on Porch Daydreamer.com!

As we leave 2019 and I think about what subjects to write about in 2020, it’s always good to do a year in review!

Ever the one to be analytical, I thought I’d look at my Google top 10 blog posts of 2019 and share them with you.

What is interesting is that some of my earliest posts people still stop by to read and guess what? 

The most popular posts are all about painting 🙂

Top 10 Porch Daydreamer Blog Posts of 2019

Since many of you are new to my site in the last year and I have so many posts, helping you navigate to the most popular posts is my mission.

My background is filled with paint and cabinet hardware expertise and likely why people like to read those posts on Porchdaydreamer.com.

You guessed it that those types of posts lead the top 10 list plus my home tours too.

Top 10 Porch Daydreamer Blog Posts of 2019

All of my reader's favorite blog posts in one place for you to enjoy! I'm hoping you see something new to you.

If you like Yes! You Can Use Chalk Paint Over Stain...read

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If you like How-To Create the Pottery Barn Driftwood Finish...read

If you like 2019 Paint Colors Best of the Best Picks...read

If you like End of Summer Home Tour with PAINT COLORS!...read

If you like  How-to Paint Cabinets and Get a Smooth Finish...read

If you like My Solution to Stop Chalk Paint Bleed Through...read

If you like My Favorite Furniture Paint and Why...read

If you like Before & After Photo Home Tour with PAINT COLORS...read

If you like Easily Update Picture Frames with Spray Paint!...read

Now that you see what the top 10 posts are in the last year let me know in the comments what you’d love to see in 2020

Some other really useful navigational tools on my site to help you find all of my posts can be found on these pages:

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What is next on my list of things to do?

Since we are leaving a decade and entering a new one, I thought I’d share a home tour over the last 10 years (which is how long I lived here).

Trends change in a decade, so I am excited to take a look back and see how far I’ve come in this home.

Plus I have some new paint tutorials up my sleeve and as always guidance on paint colors too.

For major makeovers, the only rooms left are my family room and kitchen. If the budget allows in 2020, those are next on my list!

Wishing you a happy new year and amazing new decade! 

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